How Did Huntersville Lutheran Start?

In the summer of 2016, the pastor at a Lutheran church in south Charlotte realized he had a problem: distance. A large chunk of his membership were driving from Huntersville (or north) to south Charlotte every Sunday for worship. And anyone who has lived in Charlotte for any amount of time quickly realizes how bad traffic can be, even on a Sunday morning. 

So the pastor in south Charlotte began to explore the possibility of starting a new church in Huntersville, NC. Not knowing exactly what God had in store for this fledgling church, the pastor and his people began to meeting weekly in a hotel conference room in Huntersville. The picture above is from the first time the Huntersville group met. 

Over the next few months, the group continued to meet regularly in the hotel conference room. In spring of 2017, they decided there was a need for a full-time pastor carry out the work of starting this new church. At the end of May, their request for a full-time pastor was granted. 

Pastor Doug Van Sice moved to Huntersville in July and began his work as this mission church's first full-time pastor. 

Over the course of this coming year, the Launch Team of Huntersville Lutheran will be working to lay the foundation  necessary to start a new church. To find out more about us, check out our Launch Plan and What We Believe.